When you need a flexible, easy to move drilling solution our SD range always delivers. With a parallelogram support structure our rigs are compact and easy to transport and assemble in the widest variety of locations including alpine and height restricted areas. Our rigs deliver plenty of torque, up to 600 kNm, powerful enough to accommodate wider diameter piles. In addition, they are equipped with a powerful main winch and an auxiliary winch suitable for such drilling operations.  Our rigs also benefit from an advanced hydraulic system that advanced enhances power efficiency and perfectly balances the pull-up and pull-down force to increase productivity.

Rotary Torque 300 kNm
Rotation Speed 6~30 r/min
Upper Chassis
Engine QSM1-Tier 3
Rated Power 299/1,900 kW/rpm
Extendable Undercarriage
Chassis Length 5,680 mm
Undercarriage Width 3,300 - 4,400 mm
Traction Force 500 kN
Main Winch
Single Line Pull 300 kN
Max. Lifting Speed 65 m/min
Auxiliary Winch
Single Line Pull 75 kN
Crowd System
Stroke 5,700 mm
Crowd Force 250 kN
Pulling Force 250 kN
Working Height 24,040 mm
Weight (W/O Drilling Tools) 86,000 kg